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Kevin Sinatra - "East Coast Wave" [Premiere]

The last time I posted anything on Kevin Sinatra, the rapper came, wet our palettes with music, and - like a thief in the night - vanished. I think it was about April of last year and, quite frankly, not hearing anything new from the rapper since had me feeling a little...used. For example, we've all gotten fresh for that party or  club or shindig only for it to die to nothing more than a kickback or be cancelled...it's kind of like that. You get all gassed for an up & coming, genuinely good rapper, and he just falls from the face of the planet. It wouldn't be the last time, and it definitely wasn't the first, but patience is a virtue...or so it goes. Then, out of nowhere, I get a call from the Kevin after almost a year  saying that he's bringing the cavalry with him. 

<strong>Download:</strong> <a href="http://files2.earmilk.com/upload/mp3/2014-01/EastCoat-Wave---EM0114.mp3"><strong>Kevin Sinatra</strong> - EastCoa$t Wave (Prod.VirtuosoTheGod) </a>

"East Coast Wave" is a fruit of the labor that Kevin and his 7geti crew have been putting in over the last eight or so months. Produced by 7geti member VirtuosoTheGod, with visuals from director, Pizzile Maxx, and photographer, Jared Soule, "ECW" slaps with a cadence, nothing short of trill.  Shot in Brooklyn, there's a moment in the visuals where a pause must be taken for Sinatra's New York brethren Mo Money, an 18 y.o. lyricist so nice, calling him a lyricist is kind of an understatement. "East Coast Wave" is the first official single from Kevin from his upcoming album Medulla Oblangata which literally translates to 'The Mouth Of God". More to come.

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7 years ago

“: #EARMILK : Kevin Sinatra - "East Coast Wave" ... - http://t.co/G5RxyqPiIg @K_Sinatra7 @VirtuosoTheGOD @Mr_FlyU”