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Disclosure – "Help Me Lose My Mind" (SOHN Remix)

Earlier this week Disclosure released the Settle Special Edition LP, which features remixed versions of their critically acclaimed debut album. Throughout 2013 some of the reworks were leaked, but one listeners did not catch ahead of the release was SOHN's rendition of "Help Me Lose My Mind". SOHN, the Vienna-hailing, London-residing producer/singer/songwriter, first gained success from his debut EP, The Wheel and since then has continued to rise with his soulful outputs.

Reconstructing the beat from a bouncy backdrop to London Grammar's lead vocalist Hannah Reid, SOHN crafts a subtle space for her sultry voice to take center stage. Mixing in faint piano plugs, before pitching down the vocals midway through, SOHN proves that Reid's voice is what truly makes listeners lose their minds.

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  • Wow! This edit is amazing!

    Avatar Raphael Ascanio December 19, 2013 9:05 PM Reply

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