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Stooki Sound – "Geodesic"

The first time I heard Stooki Sound was last year when they released a collab track with UK based producer Hucci titled "Ball So Hard." From there, the London based production duo left me pretty excited to check out their other projects. From "MILLIXNAIRE", which samples Lil Wayne's "A Milli" to the Gold Trap EP to the "Beamz VIP" rework of their original, I've experienced Stooki Sound's various solid, bassy, 808 laced trap beats; but now, they've switched up their usual higher energy tracks for something a bit more laidback, and I can't complain one bit. "Geodesic" starts out simply but quickly builds in intensity, and by that I don't mean loudness. Different layers and elements of the track seem to drop in one at a time as the song progresses. A basic beat, bouncing sounds and ambient vocals, soft bass, and yes, a little bit of snares as well, all play their part in this wonderfully crafted track. The "out of this world" feel that "Geodesic" exudes glues all of the pieces together, adding dimension to this interestingly titled single. If you're wondering what "geodesic" means (I know I was), it has quite a bit of convoluted definition, but it relates to geodesy, which deals with mathematical measurements of the earth's surface. As to what that has to do with the song, I've got my set of theories, but I'ma let you figure that one out on your own.

Most importantly, enjoy the vibes and show some love to Stooki Sound, who have made it clear that they can generate a solid variety of "let loose" music.

Chillwave · Electronic


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