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Last Night In Paris – "Own Me" (Eric Dingus Remix)

Last month, members of the London based music collective known as Last Night In Paris, released a 5-track EP called Roses+The EP made it's mark on both electronic and hip-hop ears with a collection of innovational, well-produced, and charmingly eccentric tracks. Now, one of the best tracks fro the EP, "Own Me" is getting the remix treatment from producer Eric Dingus, an 18-year old from Austin Texas. Featuring Collard, KC, and Taurean Roye, the original "Own Me" track combines ominous and space-themed production with a smooth spitting flow.

Firing at you with a trappy set of beats, Dingus' remix comes as a more pacified transformation from the straightforward, pleasantly drowsy, and lyric-focused original. Play the track below to see how Dingus, who seems to have a knack for creating ethereal vibes with twist, does it up for this remix for '"Own Me," as the track materializes into an excellent mix of laid back and hyped up. 


Electronic · Hip-Hop


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