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Zeds Dead - "Shut Up & Sing" (V2.0 v Greta Svabo Bech)

Greta Svabo Bech has re-released her own song with the addition of some added intensity from the guys behind Zeds Dead. Greta has graced a handful of big tracks with her sultry vocals. She has worked with the Bloody Beetroots on "Chronicles Of A Fallen Love" and with Deadmau5 on "Raise Your Weapon". So it isn't surprising that Zeds Dead wanted to team up with the Danish singer for their latest release of "Shut Up & Sing" (V2.0), which is streaming online right now and will be available for purchase this Friday.
"Shut Up & Sing" will reconnect you with your appreciation for Hooks and DC, the duo that make up Zeds Dead. The Canadian duo's stylistic touches are smothered all over this song. If you were to hear it before knowing who the song was by, the stark instrumentals, the drum line, and the deep intensity of each bass hit would definitely tell you that Zeds Dead had a hand in this track. Add in Bech's emotionally charged vocals and you've got yourself a track you can't afford to miss.
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