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Action Bronson - "Drug Shit"

Action Bronson has found the perfect recipe for the ill bars traditional hip-hop heads have been starving for.  Combined with the smooth chords and strong drums of Connecticut producer DJ Semi, Action plays with his usual food metaphors in a lyrical 5-course meal of pure rap.

Formerly, Bronson worked as a chef in New York City and it certainly shows.  “Drug smoking, razors make the pasta sweet, slumped over when the barrel and your posture meet.  Stay lean like some motherfucking ostrich meat, you full of shit, it's time to get a colonoscopy.”  The Queens MC is no stranger to obscure descriptions and thought-provoking metaphors; it makes his music potent and dense.

Still promoting his debut EP Saaab Stories, Action is prepping the release of a part 2 to his popular mixtape Blue Chips and he wants everyone to know. “[He] eats the biggest piece of chicken at the table.” 

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