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Bronze Whale + PRFFTT & Svyable - "The Search" (feat. Koda)

Sometimes it's great to break away from the monotony that has enveloped the 'brostep' scene across the US. Instead of focusing on creating a wild cacophony of sounds into insane bangers, Austin duo Bronze Whale teamed up with Boston College graduates PRFFTT & Svyable to create "The Search", both duos' first original release. Delving into the chillstep realm, these two duos ride sweeping synths, emphatic drum work, and a strong bassline into a crescendoing climax that breathes sustenance into your ears. Couple this with the fluttering, yet powerful, vocals of Koda, "The Search" is a worthy find for your musical library. Both Bronze Whale and PRFFTT & Svyable are slated to release EPs in the near future, with Favors and Super//Natural being the titles for each respective artist's EP.

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