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ReauBeau releases the dynamically diverse, gear-shifting 'Full Circle' EP

Since building a foundation in electronic and bass music via several sublime singles, ReauBeau is bringing things "Full Circle" by way of this dynamically diverse EP that manages to cohesively flow from conception to completion despite a wide array of genres explored through the duration of the work. "Full Circle" is available today on all platforms via Circus Records, and the track can be saved to your streaming service of choice now by way of this link.

The Dutch producer has been responsible for a slew of ear worms so far in 2019, in fact you may have heard his work even if you weren’t aware, having landed originals, remixes, and bespoke pieces on notable international adverts. His Circus singles have propelled him far, such as his lofty Julian Calor co-prod "Wings" feat. Liss.  A peerless sound designer with a track record for fixing great bass, it hasn’t stopped him collaborating with other visionaries, combining with Feddes on the ground-breaking "Earthquake", and brothering up with Australian sibling duo Ekko & Sidetrack for DnB banger "Higher". All of the aforementioned can be found on the now-released EP, sandwiched by new tunes "Full Circle" feat. Mark Oomen, a part-skit part-cinematic jaw dropper; the anthemic, fist-in-the-air triumph that is "Forward" and "The Illest" which ties his latest release to a close with a confident swagger.

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