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Get lost in Ark Patrol's masterful new single "Your Eyes"

Seattle's Ark Patrol has dropped quite possibly one of the most delightfully ethereal jams I've heard in a while. It sweeps over you like a wave of fresh air and feels as awe-inspiring as a clear, starry night. It all started as a brief musical interlude but suddenly transformed into the refreshing electro-ambient jam, "Your Eyes (And Other Safe Havens)." It's the perfect meditation in lush relaxation. I highly recommend playing this one after a long, tiring day when you just need an auditory hug.

Ark Patrol - known to friends as Brandon Gomez - is quickly cementing himself as a premier experimental electronic producer with this one. Somehow he's able to weave together trip-hoppy drum grooves with dreamlike keyboard melodies to invoke an uplifting feeling that just takes off as it grows into something even more grandiose. In "Your Eyes" we experience a tapestry of moods both earthy and extraterrestrial. Somehow we float to space while staying equally "zenned out" and grounded. 

It's clear Gomez is taking full advantage of 2019 after a year of intense struggle. Last year, Gomez was gravely diagnosed with cancer. The illness left a large shadow over his creativity, but he endured and shockingly overcame the illness.“The sounds from ‘Your Eyes’ originated as a bastion of peace amidst the heavier synth-distorted music I’d been writing during 2017," says Gomez. "I like making songs that swim against the current and that was my intention with this song. It was originally supposed to be a simple interlude but something within it stayed with me and over time resonated in such a way that I decided to develop it further, morphing it into a guitar-driven track which seemed the logical conclusion coming from such a tranquil beginning.” "Your Eyes" is his first effort since beating cancer and it proves equally as triumphant. We're lucky to have this talented musician around in 2019 to deliver even more mind-melting jams.

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