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NERVO - "Hold On" (Vicetone Remix)

Dutch duo, Vicetone, continues to pump out banger after banger and it seems as though they have no intention of slowing down. Getting the nod from the Australian female twins better known as NERVO, Ruben & Victor take "Hold On" and let all their musical inhibitions go resulting in a highly energetic and uplifting remix. As part of "Hold On (Remixes Pt. 2)" featuring R3hab Silvio Ecomo and Dimension, Vicetone shows us why they have risen as quickly as they have. Focusing on developing a melody that ebbs and rises at precise moments, Vicetone controls the energy masterfully as synths bombard us from every direction. This energy-filled soundscape is brought full-circle with NERVO's sultry, yet pleading, vocals captivating our attention as they have always been able to do. And as the song fades away at the end, you come to the realization that the track seemed to fly by...a testament to just how immersed one can become in this powerful remix. Grab the second remix pack over on Beatport, and prepare yourself for Vicetone's upcoming US summer shows/festivals.

Stream: NERVO - Hold On (Vicetone Remix)


NERVO - Hold On Remixes Pt. 2


Hold On Remixes Pt. 2

  • Astralwerks
  • 06/04/2013


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