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Indiana - "ANIMAL" [Video]

The latest from British songstress, Indiana, once again delves into that enticingly dark ambience that she is quickly perfecting. "ANIMAL" utilizes simplistic drum work, a rumbling bass line, but keeps the vocals as the focal point. With a pronounced echoing vocal effect, the emotional side of the track is ever-present and seems to be on the cusp of releasing its full potential. However, Indiana keeps everything in check while emphasizing words at just the right moment to punctuate the song's meaning. I've yet to be disappointed by each release of Indiana, and "ANIMAL" is no exception. The official video, which can be seen below, is filled with close-up shots and maintains that ominous feeling especially with that exorcism-esque scene at the 2:30-ish mark.

Stream: Indiana - Animal

Downtempo · Experimental


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