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DallasK - "Alienz" [Release + Earmilk Interview]

DallasK is a name that has sparked interest from dance music enthusiasts for years now. A native of Florida, the 21 year old producer has been on a roll lately coming off a massive release on Kindergarten Recordings with his track "Vice," which was awarded praise from such names as Benny Benassi, Nicky Romero and Hardwell. Now, DallasK is back with a vengeance, this time triumphing his previous track with a new release titled "Alienz."A track filled with immense buildups and insurmountable energy, this big room track provides a euphoric melody that blows you away. I had a chance to ask Dallas a few questions about his track "Alienz" and what his thoughts were on the current state of the industry.

Earmilk: What was the creativity behind "Alienz"? What were you trying to achieve with this track?
DallasK: Alienz was one of those special tracks that came together in a matter of hours. I wrote the main synth chords and enjoyed them so much that I flushed out the idea in a day. And a couple days after that it was finished! Its also almost a year old too! I'm really glad I can share it with the world now
EM: Your past two releases have been on Wolfgang Gartner's label Kindergarten Recordings, what has been the appeal to sign your tracks to this label?
DK: Starts with Wolfgang Gartner being one of my favorite producers and favorite DJs for a number of years now, and when I signed with AM Only I was lucky enough to be intro'd to Wolf and his label manager, we sent tunes back and forth and decided to put out a couple singles.
EM: How would you describe your style of music? Describe your work ethic and how these tracks come to fruition?
DK: Usually I just say "dance music", I just really love music with energy, in any tempo range and with a wide range of influence, so I think "dance music" covers it best. As far as my work ethic goes, I'm currently doing this interview at 3:21am, as I've just stopped working for the day, if that explains it. But all joking aside I moved to LA in January of 2011 and I'm lucky enough to make a living from my craft so I work on growing as an artist and a producer everyday.
EM: Do you believe the music industry, specifically dance music  is progressing in the appropriate direction? If not where would you like to see it go?
DK: Honestly I'm really happy that dance music has become a part of mainstream youth culture, because it allows us as artists to showcase our music to huge audiences all around the world. That absolutely has it's pitfalls and there are definitely issues with dance music and the industry in general but I'm a firm believer that if the hunger for new music is there, then we will always have an industry.
EM: Can you elaborate on any upcoming collaborations, songs, or big shows that you have coming up?
DK: Without going into too much detail (I've never been one to announce anything before I know its 100%) I have some big collaborations with vocalists of different genres, definitely more singles, remixes and some big DJ collabs as well. As far as touring goes, right now the Kindergarten Recordings crew (Charlie Darker, Popeska) and I are doing a mini tour to promote the label before festival season this summer.

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