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WMD - This Was The End [Album]

Ever seen or heard of chillwave flirting with chiptune? Neither had I, until I stumbled across WMD. This producer is relatively unknown and it was merely by pure chance that I happened upon him. While I'm sure most of us have heard of chillwave before, chiptune runs a pretty small musical niche. Typically, chiptune is made through 8 bit and 16 bit synthesizers with the company of retro-game noises and console sprites. Chiptune artists such as Kubbi and Anamanaguchi, who we've covered in the past, are some examples of producers within the genre. They uphold an energetic style that utilizes eclectic noises and upbeat tempos.

WMD marries characteristics of chillwave with traditional aspects of chiptune. The 8 bit and 16 bit goodness is still present and prevalent, but it is infused with the atmospheric smoothness that usually is expressed solely in chillwave songs. WMD's album This Was The End was released back in January but still seems significant enough to be worth mentioning now based on it's unique composition of sounds that will appeal to a wider audience. Within this particular album, you'll find a staggering array of synths within each individual tune. Simultaneously, these synths act as the color wheel that are used to paint a chillwave feel over it all. Truth be told, the songs aren't terribly deep: I would be lying if I went into anymore detail about them but our job is to bring you new, exhilarating music, lyrical content notwithstanding. For this emerging genre, we're fine with cutting the fat and going straight for the bone anyway.

Play: WMD - I Don't Want To Be Here

Play: WMD - Born

Play: WMD - Living

Play: WMD - Alone

Play: WMD - Father Figure

Play: WMD - Truth


This Was The End

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