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MellowHigh - "Troublesome 2013" [Video]

We knew yesterday's celebration of all things kush would bring about some interesting musical creations. Through the smoke and haze of 420 yesterday comes a new track and video from Odd Future super group MellowHigh consisting of Hodgy Beats, Left Brain and Domo Genesis. The marijuana-loving collective have released some dope, smoke-tinged tracks before, bringing all of their talents together to make suitable music to smoke to and we find "Troublesome 2013" no different. The Left Brain-produced beat has all the ingredients of a signature MellowHigh ride with funky synths over the top of a rolling drum pattern. The video shows MellowHigh gathered in a car, hotboxin' and twerkin' simultaneously. MellowHigh announced last year that they were working on both a mixtape and an album, and "Troublesome 2013" is one of the first tracks they've released. Check back for more news on both of these upcoming projects.



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