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Splitscreen recreates childhood with Pokémon-inspired "Let's Go"

With the advent of gaming music becoming more and more popularized, it's no wonder artists are coming together to dip their feet in this relatively new and exciting foray. Leading the charge in revolutionizing the category, two well-seasoned producers in the video game sphere GRIMECRAFT and James Landino, have come together to form Splitscreen - a new collaborative effort to bring video game tracks to stages all around the world.

As part of their Let's Go Pokémon Remixes with Pixelterror and CYBRPNK, "Let's Go" is a deliciously infectious track ripe with vibrant electronica and twists of classic dubstep.

Taking inspiration from their roots, "Let's Go" takes us back to our childhood; the foundation of the song is inspired by a recreation of the original Pokémon soundtrack, with eloquent and eclectic sound design from an easter egg found in the casino of the Gold and Silver game. The duo are well versed in dynamism, showering the track with vibrant chiptune chops and a gritty bass line that blends perfectly for a lively banger. Notably, the heavily distorted sonic style adds a layer of unique depth to the track, effortlessly grabbing our attention.

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Chiptune · Dubstep · Electronic


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