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Tomggg remixes KiWi's "GreedGreed" [Download]

If you're a Ryan Hemsworth fan, then Tomggg's name and style might be somewhat familiar to you as they recently collaborated and created "Cream Soda," which, much like Hemsworth's songs in general, garnered critical acclaim.Cosign from the Canadian artist aside, the Japanese producer is up to great things, and his latest artistic work comes in the form of a remix for KiWi's "GreedGreed." 

Like "Cream Soda," the track is a beautiful mesh of happy sounds and feelings, meshing J-pop style with today's electronic music. For those of you interested in Japanese electronic music, this is definitely the place to get started.

KiWi is comprised of AZUpubschool and COR!S, a producer and singer combo that's ready to take both the Japanese and international music scene to the next level. 

Check out the remix below, Purchase/Download the EP via Bandcamp






GreedGreed (Tomggg Remix)

  • March 10, 2015


Chiptune · Dreampop · Electronic · Pop · Synth Pop


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