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Wolf Saga - Homage to Tron [EP]

I am pleased to present you with Wolf Saga's latest release, Homage to TRON: Legacy. Inspired by Daft Punk's movie soundtrack, Wolf Saga takes us on a journey back to the grid, where cool synth vibes rule and the digital frontier is at our doorsteps. This EP consists of two originals from Wolf Saga and a remix by London, Ontario's Boki. Wolf Saga was also generous enough to provide the stems from this release to play around with/remix as you see fit. Regardless of the fact that we have already seen a few releases from Wolf Saga, he is hard at work on an official debut EP consisting of a more indie/synthpop feel. So keep your eyes (and ears) open for future releases (and T-shirts) from Wolf Saga, coming soon.

Grab the Homage to TRON: Legacy EP here.

Grab the Homage to TRON: Legacy EP Stems here.

Download: Wolf Saga - Digital Frontier

Download: Wolf Saga - Conflict Pt. I

Download: Wolf Saga - Conflict Pt. I (Boki Remix)



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