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Eats Everything - "Need" (feat. Leah) [Video Premiere]

UK-based producer Eats Everything puts out yet another bomb that brilliantly demonstrates his ability to incorporate diverse music genres into one. His upcoming single, "Need", features some nervous-yet-mesmerizing vocals while keeping a mysterious mood with a deep granular bass kick. Not to mention the offbeat drums give off a UK garage quality and the synth stabs pulling it all back towards the house music sensation.

Watch as we premier the music video, a journey for the senses crammed with close-ups of a woman to bring out everything that makes the track sensual and desirable. The occasional blurring lights and chopped transitions keep the tension alive. Who is this woman? And what does she "need"? The single drops digitally on Beatport March 18th as part of a two-CD compilation entitled Friends Will Carry You Home Too, packed alongside artists like Justin Martin, BreachA1 Bassline, and Squarehead, all being released on the esteemed Pets Recordings.

Make sure you check out Eats Everything's past EPs, such as Vertigo, a definite dance floor melter.

Bass · Dance · Deep House · Feature · Main Stage


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