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Tom Staar - "Kingdom"

British electronic producer Tom Staar has been edging his way further and further into the spotlight, having released a number of quality tracks on some of the biggest labels. The last time I wrote on him, "Home" had just dropped on mau5trap and, only a few weeks ago, his menacing collaboration with Wolfgang Gartner, "Evil Lurks", came out via Ultra. Add to this that iTunes just named Moda Black – from the Moda Music record label and party-throwing machine, of which Staar is a part – the best dance album of the year. With all this new success, his latest release "Kingdom" seems to be a reminder of the price of fame, boasting the lyrics: “Don’t get ahead of yourself, who will be there when your kingdom falls?” Couple this with a maniacal mid-line that is joined by an ever-rising high, and you have yourself a solid progressive house track.

Stream: Tom Staar - Kingdom (Vocal Mix)

Tom Staar


  • Mixmash Records
  • 12/17/2012




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