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California Wives - Tokyo (Different Sleep Remix) [EARMILK Premiere]

Time for another premiere for our EARMILK audience, and this time I'm proud to introduce Different Sleep's remix of California Wives' "Tokyo". If you haven't heard of either of these artists, well here's some quick background for you: Different Sleep is an artist that is from San Diego but is currently based in Chicago, while California Wives is a 4 person Indie Rock act also based out of Chicago. Released via Vagrant Records, the original "Tokyo" is an upbeat and happy-sounding track that utilizes somewhat faded vocals that really add to the mystique nature of the song. However, the Different Sleep remix absolutely takes it to another level. With muffled vocals hitting the forefront right away, Rafa Alvarez (Different Sleep) gives the track a more delicate and airy touch with some expertly placed quick snares and a pulsating bassline. Nothing is overpowering, nothing is too soft. I've been digging this type of sound for awhile, and this Different Sleep remix is a must-have for your music library.

Stream: California Wives
- Tokyo

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