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EDX - "Touched" (Original Mix)

With fall really starting to settle in, what more could one want than a day-dreamy song full of warm sunlight and lazy euphoria? Maurizio Colella’s (aka EDX) newest release, “Touched,” really brings these feelings to mind.  The Italian native, now Swiss resident, delivers on his promise of bittersweet anthems with a song that wraps deep chords around a listener, floating them higher and higher on their journey towards heaven. Suddenly you break through the pink haze of clouds, and an otherworldly light wipes your mind of any feeling but sheer bliss. . .  If I had to compare it to something, it sounds like Deadmau5’s “Arguru” the morning after meeting the love of his life.

Stream: EDX - Touched (Original Club Mix)

EDX will be playing at Marquee in Las Vegas on November 10th. Be sure to keep an ear out for “Touched,” should you be lucky enough to see him!




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