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Count Clockwork - "Boomkleta"

The two UK-based youngsters Louis W T Buick and Khalid Hussain who formed Count Clockwork officially in the first half of 2011 and began as a DJ duo have blessed us with a new track off the label, Oh my god, it's techno music! (OGITM). While Buick, who was also a producer and had already released their first EP Whorehouse in August 2011, for both Buick and Hussain, the real success began in 2012. After many events and appearances at local festivals in their home of Scotland, the Troika EP was released in March 2012 by Touche Records. Like Clockwork on the Australian label VAMP Music followed and their fan base increased consistently, including more established names like Dem Slackers or Etnik for whom they did a free remix of his track "Vino" that I featured earlier this year. Their tracks also get played regularly at BBC Radio 1 and they played at this year's Rockness Festival.

Buick also has a solo project called Lucky Cub. He released his Less Bear EP as well as the EARMILK premiere of  "92'" back in June.  A week ago, fellow German label Vocabula also dropped their Buzza EP with remixes by Fello Chive, KMRT, and Volta.

Their new and free track for OMGITM is called "Boomkleta" and has already gained support by Rob de Large, Dillon Francis and Fake Blood. Overall, it is a bigroom banger with fresh touches. A pulsating synth adds some craziness and in combination with the massive kick, it's sure to make the crowd go mad.

Download: Count Clockwork - Boomkleta (Original Mix)

Dance · Electro · Electronic · House · Techno


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