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Johann Sebastian Bach vs. Lana Del Rey - "Fugue To Die" (Fissunix Mix)

I promised to myself not to post a mashup for awhile, but I just couldn't help myself this time. This mashup is made possible by the mashup machine Fissunix. His latest concoction happens to mash two greats from two very different eras. In "Fugue To Die," Fissunix takes the vocals from Lana Del Rey's wildly popular "Born To Die" and samples of Johann Sebastian Bach's legendary "Sonata in E Minor." Throw some hip-hop rhythms into the mix and what do you get? A beautiful and emotional mashup. Blending the elegance of both Bach and Lana Del Rey, Fissunix creates a fluid and classic-sounding take on a modern tune. Unlike a lot of mashups out there, "Fugue To Die" is a more chill, down-to-earth type of track. So if you are looking for a moving mashup instead of those in the style of Girl Talk or E-603, check out Fissunix's "Fugue To Die."  

Play: Fissunix - Fugue To Die

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Scott Taft
9 years ago

I like the chiller ones, personally.  Like this Del Rey mashup right here: http://soundcloud.com/humakub/lana-del-rey-x-amon-tobin-born