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Jakwob - "The Prize" [Mixtape]

The Prize. That’s exactly what it is if you’re a Jakwob fan, or rather a fan of bass music in general. At first glance, when I heard Jakwob’s new mixtape all the way through, I couldn’t help but notice how different it was to other recent dubstep albums. If you’re looking for an album filled with nothing but club bangers and loud gritty bass lines, you might want to pass on this one. Jakwob’s newest mixtape The Prize shows his extensive knowledge and influence on every type of bass driven music. After his track “Electrify” dropped earlier this year, we all knew we were in for a treat in the near future. It showed how he evolved from basic dubstep influence into a vast gamut of all types of electronic influences. Although this particular song is not on the album, there are ten others. The Prize features some of the best MCs and singers that the UK has to offer, including features by Kano, 14th, Roses Gabor, Ghostpoet, Youngman and Mr. Hudson.

It’s difficult to identify just one single favorite song from The Prize. Each track is different in its own way, all while flowing perfectly within each other. “Let It Fall” is easily the heavy hitting dancehall smasher off of this mixtape. Everyone already knows and loves this tune, the bass line hits hard, its smooth yet gritty at the same time. After this, all that’s left are nine new originals. “Erupt” is probably my personal favorite, it features vocals from Youngman that are eerily perfect for this song. The vocal build up flows into a stuttering synthy bass drop. “The Island” on the other hand, is more melodic and ambient. The melody gives the feel of being outside with a cool summer breeze blowing a rusty gate, and with the addition of Ghostpoet dropping in to add smooth murmuring vocals; this track will be on repeat for some good chilled out downtempo music.

This mixtape has to honestly be one of the most well produced electronic/dubstep albums of the year. I really have no idea why he decided to release it for free, but you won't find me complaining. After a slew of remixes and a handful of singles, Jakwob finally has a complete piece of work to call his own.

Download The Prize for free here.

Download: Jakwob - Let It Fall

Download: Jakwob - Erupt (Feat. Youngman)

Download: Jakwob - Island (Feat. Ghostpoet)

Download: Jakwob - The Prize (Feat. Mr Hudson)

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