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EARMILK Presents: Flamingosis [Exclusive Mix]

Flamingosis's name truly speaks for itself. Since launching the project nearly a decade ago, Aaron Vasquez has dedicated himself to a style of electronic music, and now, he joins us for an exclusive mix.

The birth of Flamingosis was in the peak era of the SoundCloud artist, where remixing was a form of currency. But Velasquez's concept was one of its own, a timeless journey into funk, disco and electronica that, instead of fighting to beat the genreless future, leaned into a unique style all his own. Now, he's released multiple albums, mixtapes, and his latest single, "Wild Summer," released in August of this year. Launching in the community built in the early 2010's set him up for a collaborative future, and since, he's worked with artists like Big Gigantic, Madeon, Emancipator, and Young Bae among others. 

Now, tracks like "Wild Summer" draw deeper from his own personal and family histories, focusing on live instrumentation and honing in on his already notable retro style, and the mix he's provided covers just about everything.

Connect with Flamingosis: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | Website 


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