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Walton - All Night [EP]

Dropping both your debut AND sophomore EPs on a record label like Kode 9’s illustrious Hyperdub imprint is no mean feat, but that is exactly what Sam Walton has done. Following up his impressively energetic self-titled debut Walton EP of 2011 with the All Night EP, listeners can expect more of the same from the young Mancunian but with hints of very promising progression. Title track “All Night” lays a blissful diva vocal over those punchy, digital grime claps you may recongise from his older track “Aggy” (on the Walton EP). It creates a mesmerising contrast with the overtly tough-sounding kicks and the swirling vocal, creating a chaotic yet controlled tune for the floor. Walton’s pool of influences aren’t limited to grime, he displays a hip-hop flex on "Kush" with Rustie-like chords providing a surface for thick, crackling tempered atmospherics to roll along. "Mallet" on the other hand is a bleepy, 4/4 hollowed out funky roller which again is definitely constructed for the rave. Stream a preview of the entire EP below.

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Bass · Dance · Electronic · U.K.


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