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Canhoto Dourado - "Treat"

Appropriately titled. Canhoto Dourado is a laying down the tracks faster than I can keep up. Today, I hand-picked "Treat" for you guys. To recap from my previous article on Canhoto Dourado, he is an inspiring musician hailing from the state of Indiana and coming straight out of the college scene. Music is his passion, and this is his game. 

"Treat" is starts off with a looped synth, and a simple bass and snare clap with a slight echo to compliment. The song my seem simple at first, but as it progresses, it changes. Multiple times. Sounds drop in and out, the beat changes, the tempo quickens and slows, keeping your interested ears listening. We have all heard those typical electronic songs that are quite repetitive with their loops and formulas. Well, this tune isn't one of them.

      17-17 Treat
Download: Canhoto Dourado - Treat


Electronic · Experimental


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