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Easter Egg - The Heist [Album]

So I was referred to this artist, Easter Egg, and I was slightly dubious with an artist name like that, especially for mashups. But trusting my friend, I decided to take a listen to Easter Egg's continuous album The Heist. Needless to say, Easter Egg was like a very early Christmas present with the album leaving me extremely impressed.

If you're thinking about raging out to electro mashes, then Easter Egg isn't for you. However, if you're knowledgeable of the mashup genre and know of Girl Talk (GT), then Easter Egg is right up your alley. By no means am I saying that Easter Egg is the second coming of GT because GT is considered a pioneer in the mashup game. However, Easter Egg definitely can hold his own with his funky fresh style of mashes. Making full use of hip hop/rap (both old and new) vocal samples and pairing them with a wide variety of instrumentals, Easter Egg delivers more than an hour's worth of music that seems perfect for that pregame session or nice background music if you're looking to be productive. Granted there are some segments that seemed a little cheesy and slightly forced but the album, as a whole, flows very well from sample to sample.

Below is a stream of the continuous album with an option to download the album in either individualized and/or continuous format provided.



Easter Egg - The Heist

Individual Tracks Format - Download

Continuous Album Format - Download

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