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ZZT - Partys Over Earth [Review]

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It's one thing to break onto the scene with a world debute that claims all parties to a halt, but doing so is another matter. Acting on executive order, techno virtuoso and Turbo papi Tiga has touched swords with the billboard guerilla Zombie Nation to create a be all end all, the molotov cocktail of middle finger dance music. Partys Over Earth, E return your stolen egos and have your casualties move about their problems in the after hours black light. But let's end this imminent moment with one last bang of the bicep, a fleshy farewell to feet stomping pinache draped in motorcyclist swagger. An apocalyptic adieux and a hasta la vista to what was once tasteful overdrive.

02. ZZT - Rock the Peace (Original Mix)
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Type "ZZT" into Google image search and you'll get a good visual of what this whole album sounds like. MS-DOS running through a hodge podge of BOSS pedals, pixeling the faceless 4-bit hits of the past. Gritty 1s and 0s painted amidst a dark abyss affording no points to save your soul and respawn in full health. But we're not getting stuck in the past here, all 12 tracks push the current envelope with obscure writing formats and testy synth lines that tip toe along the front of circuit bent oblivion.

Despite the pitch horsing and mod wheel altercations this LP sets aside plenty of room for the dancer to assume his or her position. Take note of the singles, the duo's first crack "ZZafrika" became a set staple in 2010 with the fan bracket gushing for its impending release. "Vulkan Alarm" bitch slapped anyone expecting this album to be a 2005 reunion; but it would be daft not to mention the reappearance of that same work ethic which has since been put into retirement by mainstream money and fame. The third single, "Partys Over Los Angeles" carries a coat of nostalgia unlike today's top charted penny and dime imitations that arrived at the party gauchely late. Banger without being overtly banger, it's fresh blueprint revives the sleazy teeth clenching ego that ingrained itself into the mindset of the electro genre.

10. ZZT - Lower State of Conciousness (Original Mix)
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The ingenuity that can only be attributed to such long standing chaperones radiates from the solitary mania and indecisiveness in each number. Let's put "Lower State of Conciousness" under the knife. What hatches in an eery Polivoks purgatory, the idea accepts its true nature by throwing a tantrum of cheap acid washed Nintendo only to ground itself in stable 4/4 time. With the kick being the only one sober enough to drive, a soviet analog is set loose deeming the role of the howling hooligan with his pantless ass hanging out the window. A turning point of the album, surpassing the threshold where optimism loses its guard and the unsettling archetypes peering beneath begin to seep in.

12. ZZT - ZZT Has Left The Building (Original Mix)
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The party stops at 12 in a blow out of radio fireworks and FM flares. ZZT has left the building, and left behind are the rubbles of an electronic pastime. No need to rummage, everything beyond this point is cookie cutter litter. And for those who like it plain vanilla let this album provoke your taste buds so they can sift out the phonies from Da Vinci. In a time where musicians are born to die in days, ZZT's Partys Over Earth stands on a solid crux that authentic harmonics have yet to fade.

(TURBOCD033) Turbo Recordings - ZZT Partys Over Earth (8.5/10)

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