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Audion - Hetacomb [Video + Tour Dates]

My brain hurts right now. Seriously. I feel like someone took out my brains and replaced them with oh...say...oatmeal.

This is the new promo video for Audion's new Hetacomb tour. The video is pretty much just robot noises that make you feel like your strapped into and electric chair with hose weird clamps over you eyes and someone is flashing images of super intense stuff across the screen. I know I'm psyched to see these tour dates, hopefully I can make it out to one of the shows. For those of you who don't know this Ghostly Intl. artist, Matthew Dear (aka Audion) is an electronic-music innovator, a globally recognized DJ and live performer, and the founder of acclaimed electronic dance-music label Spectral Sound (sister imprint to Ghostly International). Dude is super crazy on the tables. He also does some sick remixes of Chemical Brothers and Hot Chip, among others.

Check out the video, and make it to one of the dates if you can. Definitely worth it.


Audion - Hetacomb Promo

11.06 San Francisco, CA @ MIGHTY
11.07 Los Angeles, CA @ AVALON HOLLYWOOD
11.12 Montreal, QC @ KARMA
11.14 Vancouver, BC @ LOTUS SOUND LOUNGE
11.19 Washington, DC @ MUSE
11.20 Chicago, IL @ SMART BAR
11.21 Toronto, ON @ FOOTWORK
11.28 New York, NY @ LE POISSON ROUGE

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