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Megan Dixon Hood shares the ethereal single "Third Lung"

Ethereal singer and songwriter Megan Dixon Hood shares her new single "Third Lung". A transportive single that takes you into the world of explorative pop, her transcendent vocals are truly sublime.

Not one to shy away from folklore, Megan Dixon Hood's narratives conclude with enhanted tales and enhanted melodies to match. A single wrapped in punchy beats and Florence And The Machine-like vocals, "Third Lung" delves into the waters of exciting alt-pop and emerges drenched in whimsical sounds and dazzling textures. 

Taking inspirationfrom nature and the human existence, Hood took a scientific inspiration for this single. "Third Lung is inspired by Biosphere 2, an experiment from the 90’s where a group of scientists/adventurers decided to live within an earth spaceship, replicating the earth’s ecosystem," she explains. "They ended up starved of food and oxygen and the experiment was deemed a failure. Biosphere 1, is the earth we already have. I find it so interesting that they tried to create a second ‘world’ to understand the real one."

An artist that soaks her sonics in the dark and brooding, Megan Dixon Hood is an artist creating something more than just music. Her storytelling skills are more than desirable and her rousing melody patterns leave you wanting to hear what she's conjured up next. "Third Lung" promises much more to come and encourages you to return to the rest of her catalogue of tunes. 

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Alt-Pop · Dark Pop · U.K.


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