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Rising star Olive Featherstone delivers fierce new single “I’ll Be Sweet" from upcoming debut album

Bristol-based rising star Olive Featherstone reveals a fierce side to herself with her sophomore single “I’ll Be Sweet,” which seamlessly blends a sharp edge of moody guitars into a hazy, dreamy alt-rock soundscape. With her sweet, syrupy vocals cutting through the melancholia that settles around the track, she showcases her ability to bring well-learned nuances within production together with her natural gift for startlingly vulnerable story-telling.

Taken from her forthcoming album I Was Wondering, Lost, which delves into raw topics such as drug abuse and depersonalization, Featherstone proves on this latest offering that she’s able to establish deep connection with her listeners through the lens of her personal experiences stretched stunningly onto an enticing, dramatic sonic canvas.

Having already found her feet as part of bands in previous years, Olivia Jasmine Noonan bloomed as she steps up to the plate as a solo artist. Emerging under this new moniker with her compelling debut single “Opium Requiem,” this young talent has allowed herself the opportunity to explore hard-hitting narratives much closer to her heart in her solo music, simultaneously giving others a safe space to feel their deepest pain in the most cathartic way. “I’ll Be Sweet,” with Olive’s husky, angelic vocals layered over a sultry string instrumentation is another captivating journey into the authenticity and vulnerability she established with her debut.

The track offers listeners a glimpse of the sonically rich, intricately-told stories that have found a home in the upcoming debut album, recorded and produced alongside Calum Wotherspoon. Building her artistry on a solid base of sharp production, poignant lyricism and a constantly evolving yet gritty touch that gives her music a natural feel, Featherstone has set herself as one to watch in the alt-rock scene, further heightening anticipation for the August release of her debut project.

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Dreamwave · Electronic · Rock · U.K.


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