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Joya Mooi wants us to "Remember" [Video]

Dutch-South African singer Joya Mooi is back with a brand new single "Remember" which comes after dropping her Blossom carefully EP last year. The record continues her work with longtime collaborators Sim Fane and SIROJ who whip up a lush, ethereal backdrop that oozes nostalgia and soulful warmth. Mooi is in her bag on this track and effortlessly delivers a sublime and enchanting performance as she reflects on a myriad of things from the past, present, and future. The aim of the record is to keep an open mind in processing new information and not be shackled by one's rigid beliefs.

As for the visuals, Najim Jansen and Bob Sizoo go the whole nine yards to encapsulate the singer's true emotions with an eclectic and expressive visual. They make use of sepia-toned moods and warm aesthetics to bring her true emotions to the screen. The focus isn't mainly on the performance shots but rather the entire progression of the visuals, especially the strange sculpture which is used to emphasize the feeling of being interwoven with the past. 

Stream/download "Remember" on major platforms here.

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