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Jafunk, Dana Williams and Nic Hanson deliver catchy summer sounds on "You Got Me"

Australian DJ and producer Jafunk taps the talents of singers Dana Williams and Nic Hanson for his newest summer jam titled "You Got Me." The track is purely a feel-good record that blends funk/disco, electronic elements with a modern dance twist and it's tailor-made for the house parties and some lowkey cook-outs. Jafunk hooks up the most sonically pleasing backdrop bolstered by silky funky guitars, bright horns, and warm pulsating bass-driven grooves for his cohorts. Hanson is on chorus duties and ties the track with a laidback and memorable hook while Williams holds the fort on the main verses, peppering the track with her atmospheric vocals.

"You Got Me" is pure fun from start to finish and its core message is that sometimes it's quite okay to let your hair down and do what feels good without overthinking things. "You Got Me" is the second single of Jafunk’s 3-track EP coming this summer.

Jafunk is an Australian and Berlin-based producer/DJ who has worked with names like  DiRTY RADiO, NanaBcool, and more.

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Future Funk · Indie


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5 months ago

The best summer Groove!