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"HUH?" is an addictive hyper-funk romp for Chicago's Serena Isioma

There's a lot to be said about Chicago artist Serena Isioma and only so many words to say it with.  Vibrant, eclectic, vivacious, one-of-a-kind; they seemingly possess the incredibly unique gift to exist in every space at once.  After stunning and gaining a rabid fanbase with prior projects The Leo Sun Sets and Sensitive, Isioma's newest offering "HUH?" is a mix of disco, funk, and unparalleled prideful energy.  

The effervescent Isioma delivers a highly engaging hyper-funk anthem that is draped in a powerful energy and chock full of quotables.  "HUH?" is perhaps Isioma at their most engaging and fierce, a party song that actually makes you want to learn the lyrics and sing along.  "I will not stop with this gay shit, haters mad 'cause I'm young, black, and famous" they croon over synth stabs and disco-esque drums; a perfect example of their proud and relentless attitude that drives every song.  Never lacking energy, the track is an injection of fiery nu-disco verve into any playlist that needs the singular voice of Isioma to provide a dousing of color.  

If standard pop music were a meal, Serena Isioma is the shot of hot sauce that gives it some much needed flavor.  An unapologetic and colorful maestro of unconventional sound, they have proved again and again how influential they are on the world of modern hip-hop and pop music.  With their debut album due out later this year, the music of Serena Isioma shows signs of somehow reaching even greater heights. 

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Disco · Funk · Future Funk


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