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DiRTY RADiO is triggered on "Turn My Body Up"

The progressive soul, R&B and electronic music-making duo known as DiRTY RADiO hit our pages with a solid banger titled "Turn My Body Up." The track is a satisfying synthesis of R&B, funk, and electronic elements that will surely get the dance floor jumping. Smooth and groovy at the same time, the song has appeal for both electronic and R&B lovers alike with its perfectly fused melodies and pulsating bass line.

Originally formed as a production trio consisting of Shadi, Waspy and Tonez, the group has since evolved into a duo comprised of Shadi and Waspy. Shadi grew up studying jazz and playing soul and R&B, while Waspy was playing drums in punk and metal bands. This distinct history gives them a unique perspective on how they approach making music together. Starting with Waspy's beats and building from there with Shadi's hypnotic melodies, DiRTY RADiO is hands on with every aspect of the creation and production of their work.

Next year will see the duo breaking out on their own to tour Europe and the U.S., and introduce the world to their sexy soul-drenched R&B and pulse-pounding dance floor bangers.

Stream the audio on several digital platforms here.

Connect with DiRTY RADiO: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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