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Terrell Mackey shares sensual visuals for "They Don't Know" [Video]

After sharing the cinematic visuals for his two-part song, "Breakfast & Dinner," Philly singer/songwriter Terell Mackey returns with something new. His new record, "They Don't Know," is his own interpolation of the classic Jon B record of the same name. Mackey sure does something refreshing with his take and blends the retro R&B aesthetics with new-age downtempo vibes. While the first half of the record borrows heavily from the Jon B track, the remainder sees Mackey adding his own style and twist into the mix. I also dig how he flipped the chorus while adding more sultry melodies to keep things refreshing.

The visuals are moody and stick to the sensual theme of the song. From dark lighting to a blend of performance shots with Mackey and some beautiful ladies, the director ensures the mood is on par all through the length of the shoot. I must add that Mackey pays much attention to the way his visuals are presented and like his previous work, he meticulously sets up the visual pieces and storyboarding in a unique and engaging manner that viewers will always remember.

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