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PWNT drops shimmering new song "It's Funny" ahead of new album

PWNT, pseudonym and pet project of multi-instrumentalist Kostas Galanopoulus, has just unveiled a vibrant new track entitled "It's Funny." The stirring jam comes in anticipation of PWNT's debut record Days in the Summer that comes out on June 25. The new album looks to be the cherry on top for what's been a strong year for Kostas, whose 2021 has shown an impressive streak of lush indie rock singles. "It's Funny" surely keeps the momentum rolling, as PWNT delivers his most charming and well produced effort yet. If this consistency and sonic altruism is present in the upcoming album, we might be looking at a real heavyweight in the first post pandemic summer.

PWNT builds the track around a melodic synth run in the upper register. The plucky riff sparkles along in the background while heavier psychedelic layers are brought in, like the punchy bass and crunchy guitars. By the time the ticking drums, light piano chords and dense synth layers are filtered in as well, the track evolves into a delightfully complex summer cacophony. Kostas finds an excellent groove here; there's an excellent pocket for his soft, high pitched vocals to float around in. The most compelling part of "It's Funny" is the genre ambiguity; it feels equal parts psych, synth pop, indie, and soul.

It's hard to find music that is as immersive as PWNT's. He has a profound sense of rhythm and melody of course, but even more impressive is the way he's able to so intricately layer his songs. Each track truly takes you on a journey and "It's Funny" is one of the most exciting yet.

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