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Taylor Castro unveils her sweeping new single, “Muse With A Dagger" [Video]

Life creates many divisions. There is rich and poor, there is one culture and then there is another culture. These things do not have to separate us, but sometimes society forces us to believe we must place borders between us and those that are different. Taylor Castro’s vast tune, “Muse With A Dagger,” represents that same idea. Through striking, cinematic soundscapes and powerful, piercing vocals, the raw emotion bursts through. The accompanying visuals display two star crossed lovers and the distance placed between them. From the innovative underwater shots to the elegant European style setting, the video is a stunning offering.

The 21-year-old indie pop talent is pushing the boundaries of creativity. Inspired by English literature, her music and videos tell incredible curated stories. Through this unique style Castro has obtained a dedicated online fan base. Now she’s releasing a concept double-album called Girl, Afraid and it is structured like a two-act play, with each song as a different scene. “Muse With A Dagger” has that dramatic feel of a play performance á la Romeo and Juliet.  The songstress reveals, “For me, it’s a song about the divisions society forces us to have with those who aren’t like us, told allegorically through a relationship between two individuals. The pair forms an unexpected bond but are torn apart due to the polarized communities they come from.”

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