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Terrell Mackey is hungry for "Breakfast & Dinner" [Video]

Emerging Philadelphia-based hip-hop/soul act Terrell Mackey shares the visuals for his project "Breakfast & Dinner." A drill-inspired love song that comes with two visuals in short film format.  The first half "Breakfast" is more bright and captures the early puppy love phase between Mackey and his girl. The second half "Dinner" has a gloomy and brooding texture and ripe with a grating electric guitar solo at the end. Mackey is more than comfortable over these distorted bass-heavy backdrops and seamlessly weave around them with his slightly tuned melodic flows.

Both videos are directed by Llama whose vision takes the two-part song into a whole new realm. The "Breakfast" video has a happy-go-lucky mood with bright aesthetics. From the continuous shot at the start and fast cutaway scenes, we do get a sense of urgency in this video where everything seems dandy and Mackey is chilling with his girl.

The video for "Dinner" is considerably longer and is much darker in tone and overall aesthetics. The element of urgency still remains with a focus on pacing and multiple cutaways and flashback scenes. The director sure goes for the gusto and throws in some expressive choreography in the mix alongside a car scene. The visual really builds up the ante as emotions are tensed between Mackey and his girl and end with a somewhat cryptic message at the end signifying his change of heart.

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