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TiZ EAST finds happiness on being "Trappy" [Video]

Emerging UK rapper TiZ EAST is slowly building his rep and has quite a number of banging singles but now he drops his new single "Trappy" which comes with a vibrant video to match. He teams up with producer SV ON THE BEAT who laces him with an afrowave type backdrop that is perfect for East's laidback flow and somewhat reflective lyrics on his grind and eventual come up. The rapper takes listeners down memory lane for a bit and reminds them that he hasn't made it yet and he is still grinding his way through. His delivery is easygoing with a hearty, fun-filled demeanor that alludes to his positive mindset and consistent work ethic.

ROMAEL VISUALS takes on the role of bringing the hustle anthem to the screen and his interpretation is on point. The visual has a vibrant coordinated colors and costumes that reflect the average London youth in many ways. There are less visual effects here as more importance is placed on the set pieces and TiZ East's performance shots. 

TiZ East was born in Nigeria but raised in Newham, East London. His previous releases include "24/7," "Bad Habits" to name a few and he has 3 mixtapes under his belt. Get "Trappy" on all DSPs here.

Connect with TiZ East :  INSTAGRAMTWITTER

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