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Byron Juane knows love "When It's Real"

Byron Juane releases a new single called "When It's Real," a mesmerizing track with intriguing production and a soothing voice.

In 2020, Juane released an impressive EP called Promise I'm Not Crazy, which heavily showcased his talent and his sweet voice. His first single in 2021, "When It's Real" continues to show how insanely talented Byron Juane truly is. The upbeat warm sounds and interesting snaps undeniably capture our attention as the drums also get us even more hooked. The catchy beat is the perfect background for the poetic words that Juane sings so beautifully. Singing about the best love story, his impeccable flow is guaranteed to touch all of our hearts. This song is interesting because it can serve as the perfect lullaby because of his enchanting voice or a song that you can get up and move to because of the high-level energy it exudes. 
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