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Ariel releases a powerful song featuring Yung Sum that makes us feel "Insane"

Ariel releases a chilling single "Insane" featuring Yung Sum. It's an emotional track filled with a beautiful production, poetic lyrics, and a soothing voice. 
All of Ariel's music has a special introspective layer to it, especially this new single and "Lights." "Insane" is one of the two singles that he has dropped this year. The lyrics of the hook "You're driving me insane" are actually extremely powerful and catchy. The way this hook is sung and repeated makes us feel the pain that he is in as the intense lyrics explain how a toxic relationship feels like, especially bringing it to life with the mellow sounds. The guitar strings add a beautiful layer as we feel them tugging our heart and even potentially bringing us to tears. Opening up his soul to speak of the internal scars that he possesses, leaning on his vulnerability as he smoothly sings poetic words. Yung Sum also adds a special touch to this track as his clever words are pieced together brilliantly, filling the air with raw emotions. Press play if you feel like you have a broken heart and you want to begin your healing process. It is guaranteed to get stuck in your head (or heart) for the rest of the day.
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yung sum
1 day ago

much love!