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Electric Religious explores the fleeting experience of chasing a moment on "One More Night"

Canadian singer-songwriter Electric Religious delivers guitar-led pop anthem “One More Night,” the second single to be taken from his upcoming sophomore album Tragic Lover. Inspired by the forgetfulness that gets conditions humanity to get stuck in an endless loop of making mistakes, learning from them and then doing them again, the psychedelic track weaves an easy-going, groovy soundscape that belies the relatable urgency with which people often try to bury their troubles.

Offering a glimpse of the personal yet far-reaching themes of displacement, hope, trauma and healing that Electric Religious, the project of Edmonton-based rising star Brandon Baker, is set to explore on his upcoming seven-track album, “One More Night,” captures the fleeting feel of “chasing a moment,” through musicianship which is quietly hypnotic at certain points and thrumming with restless energy at others.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, Baker said, “Creating this track was an incredibly fun process. I wanted to create a dance-worthy track that has an edge to it. It's a human condition that I think a lot of people can relate to, myself included. You might forget your troubles with one more drink, one more stranger on the dancefloor. "

Baker whose stage name draws inspiration from the Jimi Hendrix quote, “When I get up on stage, that’s my whole life. That’s my religion. My music is electric church music. I am electric religion”, has already established his signature artistry which marries relatable song writing with catchy sonics right from his 2018 debut album Yeah, Yeah, No.

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