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Chris Malinchak's debut album gets "Closer Every Day"

Chris Malinchak keeps on surprising with new tracks from his forthcoming debut album. Fresh off the heels of the insanely fun "The Wah Wah Song," the New York-based producer drops another huge tune called "Closer Every Day." The track basically sounds like one big dance party, which comes just in time for the world reopening. It could even be seen as a little reminder that we're only about a month away from the full album, which will be called Night Work.

"Closer Every Day" wastes no time pumping up listeners with it's anthemic energy. Malinchak has been known to drop some big, spacious tracks like "When The World Stops Turning" or "Wonderful." What's brings "Closer Every Day" to the next level is it's festival spirit. It's pulsating beat and metallic instrumentation only lifts the already husky, soaring vocals from UK singer/songwriter Stealth that much higher. As layers of synths radiate throughout the track, the full positivity and emotion of the production hits you. The experience almost feels religious.

Stealth explains "Closer Every Day" to press, “We wrote ‘Closer Every Day’ about a journey, it’s long and tiring but every step gets us nearer to where we want to be. However since the pandemic it feels the song has a new deeper meaning. After such sacrifice everyone has made we are slowly coming out the other side and getting closer every day to holding who we love.” We feel the love and can't wait to see the other side.

Look for Chris Malinchak's album Night Work to be released July 16th via Ultra Records. It's available to pre-order and pre-save here.

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