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HiddenHillsForever throws a dreamy party on a 'Hell Of A Night'

Seattle-raised, Atlanta-based artist HiddenHillsForever drops a fiery new EP called Hell Of A Night, a brilliant EP filled with powerful production and catchy hooks throughout. 
Rebranding himself from Hiddenhills to HiddenHillsForever, his fans on social media have been patiently waiting for him to drop new music. Every single on this 5-track EP is captivating, having illusive beats that take us to another world, naturally lighting our senses and igniting our passion on fire. On "Hell Of A Night," his smooth voice perfectly blends with the dreamy sounds, creating a fitting track to just put on and vibe. Opening up with this track, we automatically enter an intriguing psychedelic world, as he introduces snappy sounds that are pleasing and calming at the same time. He keeps our attention by incorporating bouncy synths, glitchy drums, and octave changes. The catchy hook and the witty rhymes only provide an even greater experience in HiddenHillsForever's world. 
In "Risk it," the upbeat dreamy sounds are the perfect summertime track that we can play with the windows down, driving to the beach with your love interest. Undeniably being a song for the ladies due to the poetic wordplay, HiddenHillsForever lets his lady know that he will "risk it all for you." The rhymes and the repetition catches our attention and has us singing along with the words long after the song has ended.
Press play and listen to an EP that has fascinating production and impeccable delivery that will pique your curiosity. 
Connect with HiddenHillsForever: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 


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