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TOLEDO release dreamy, folk song “David”

TOLEDO is composed of lifelong friends Daniel Álvarez de Toledo and Jordan Dunn-Pilz. Growing up together, it’s no doubt that you’ll share the same interests and experiences. That’s why the two make the perfect duo, which they’ve conveyed through their music and writing. Their personable charisma, beyond-their-years technical abilities, and enduring love for each other are palpable in their songs and dynamic 5-piece live performances. Today, the Brooklyn duo share a new single "David."

A compressed acoustic guitar introduces the calm sorrow tone of the song. Additions of enveloping reverb and careful plucks from the banjo really tie it all together for the track to become a dreamy, pensive folk song.

Dunn-Pilz reveals that the song is about his little brother, saying, "As siblings we share a lot of the same emotional baggage, but we process things differently as individuals. The song came out of a desire for healing in spite of those differences."

Along with this new track, the two also released a B-side alternate version of"Sunday Funday" off their new EP Jockeys of Love. While the original version carried echoing guitar melodies, this new version emphasizes the country-sounding production with its stripped-down acoustic guitar and subtle whistles.

Listen to "David", out now via Telefono Records.

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