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Jillian Rossi shares epic new song "Fever Dream"

New York artist Jillian Rossi has shared a new song called "Fever Dream". This release finds her discussing relationship issues over top of a grand instrumental, reaching new emotional heights.

"Fever Dream" starts with ambient keys, as subtle percussion keep pace beneath. The percussion is light and airy as to not distract from the beautiful pianos. Furthermore, epic background vocals drenched in reverby effects are brought in to complement the song's dreamy instrumentation. Rossi proceeds to lay down gorgeous melodies over top, providing a vocal performance that is powerful and moving. The overall production on the song sounds layered and textured, adding to the dense, rich feel of the track.

All in all, "Fever Dream" is a monumental release from Jillian Rossi. It is a moving track that is heart-wrenching yet uplifting, giving the listener a poignant emotional experience. It is difficult to leave the song without resonating with its beauty and passion. 

Connect with Jillian Rossi: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Alt-Pop · Pop


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