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DJ Khaled, Jay-Z and Nas give us excellence in "SORRY NOT SORRY" [Video]

DJ Khaled just dropped a new timeless single off of his new album Khaled Khaled. His new visual "SORRY NOT SORRY" features two New York kings Nas and Jay-Z along with the talented James Fauntleroy and Harmonies by The Hive. If you listen carefully, you'll even catch Beyoncé saying "Hey" in this single too. This astounding track is nothing short of refreshing and legendary. 
It's been two years since DJ Khaled dropped an album, which made everyone anticipate this one even more. On DJ Khaled's new album, Khaled Khaled, he includes features from Lil Wayne, Lil Baby, Jeremih, Megan Thee Stallion, Justin Beiber, Justin Timberlake and more. As soon as I saw that he got Nas and Jay-Z on this single, I knew that this track would be powerful. 
Listening to every poetic word that Nas and Jay-Z utter is guaranteed to give you chills, especially if you grew up listening to them, like I did. With intelligent wordplay such as "Half a century almost/ Sliced the green like a lawnmower/ 'Til we all on never fall off/ Hear a boss talk/ You don't hear me?/ That's your loss/," Nas automatically shakes the room with the sophistication in his projection and his impeccable delivery. He also doesn't forget to mention cryptocurrency in this track, as it has made headlines that he has made early investments in Coinbase. If you grew up with Nas, you know the struggle and where he came from. In turn, you're undeniably happy about this legend's growth. 
Right after Nas gracefully ends his verse, Jay-z makes his unforgettable appearance with lyrics that display nothing less than excellence. The masterly lyricism is greatly impactful as he effortlessly blends words together, speaking the truth smoothly, such as "America's disrespect for me/ You killed Christ/  You created religion, unexpectedly/." The symbolism in this lyric alone is extremely powerful and moving, as he compares the disrespect of those who have built the foundation of Hip-Hop, like himself, to the sacrifice of Christ for the greater good. These brilliant words over the dreamy underlying composition that contain beautiful piano keys are perfectly parallel to the music video that shows everyone smoking cigars around a blackjack table being successful and enjoying life.  This track speaks of nothing less than elevation, growth, and class.
Press play and hear the excellence displayed through the empowering beats and the intense lyricism. 
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