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Gaff can't wait for the weekend on "Friday on a Tuesday"

Rising Irish alt-pop sensation Gaff has been carefully honing and refining his sound since his first single release two years ago, with each subsequent release showcasing a new ingenuity and depth to his music.  Recent release "Friday on a Tuesday" showcases the distinctive Baritone vocals of the Irish singer paired with upbeat hip hop-centric drums and 808s to create a comfortable and laidback anthem for shrugging off weekday obligations.  

An understated rebelliousness underscores all of Gaff's music so far.  With a vocal presence that constantly sounds emotion-packed but somehow still remains subdued, his music functions just as easily as downtempo music to relax to as it does music that can score any late night amongst friends.  His most recent release is the type of song that is just low-key enough to fit into many different situations.  "Friday on a Tuesday" juxtaposes its light, airy indie guitars with familiar hip hop bass and drums to create a perfect blend of alt-pop nirvana that will please any music listener.   

Gaff plans to release his debut EP later this year which will surely be the culmination of his sound thus far.  Already achieving some major industry co-signs and playlisting support before releasing a full-length project, there are clearly a lot of eyes on the Irish sensation as he gears up to release more head-nodding ballads.  

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Alt-Pop · Indie Pop


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